I help B2B Lead genearation-based businesses with their sales and marketing

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I help growth-committed 7-figure businesses looking to scale their digital channels 🚀

I specialise in Search Engine Optimization, Lead Generation, and Sales. 


Areas I am qualified in:

  • Paid Social Media Advertising

    Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram can provide tremendous opportunities for your business. My experience and passion for this medium are unrivaled. 

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    My SEO services are focussed on delivering measureable results. Certain metrics will be tracked in-line with your specific business objectives. 

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    Google is the most powerful tool available to most businesses, if used correctly. Paid advertising should be part of your search engine strategy if you want to dominate the competition. 

  • Automation

    Automation is great. Once it is set up, leave it and have the leads come rolling in. But, it has to be set up correctly. 

  • Web Design

    Your website or app is losing you money if it is not optimised for conversions. Make sure you have someone who knows the techniques so you are getting as many customers as possible.

  • E-commerce

    This is an industry that I love because as a marketer, I like to test, measure and improve. E-commerce when handled correctly is great for this. I have ran my own e-commerce business and helped others so I know what is required for growth.

Why People Hire Me

I offer many advantages over a typical in-house marketing hire. The best advantage is that I provide full-time results. 

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Jon McMonagle - Digital Marketer
  • Flexible Hours

    We have either a project-based agreement or hours per week. You are in control. 

  • One Person, No Agencies

    Having one man for the job makes your job easier. Our one-on-one relationship means I learn your business to maximise results. 

  • Scope of Skills

    SMEs often need marketing talent that has a wide range of marketing skills. I am what you call a full-stack marketer. I have put in a painful amount of hours to learn the entire scope of digital marketing. 

Businesses I've Worked With

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