Businesses I've Impacted

CMOx - SEO Manager

CMOx a marketing agency based in Philadelphia, PA offering Fractional CMO services.

I have been involved with this company since the beginning of 2020 and moved to lead their SEO campaign from May 2020.

So far, the results have been fantastic. Moving from the second page: position 11, to the first page: position 3 in 5 months.

This has been a very aggressive SEO campaign competing against other marketing agencies.

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Interwill Inheritance Solutions - SEO & Paid Advertising Manager

This is a role I am very proud of. I love helping small businesses grow and compete with the bigger players in the industry. This is why I love being a good marketer.

My role here as involved me in web design and conversion rate optimization, but mainly it has been SEO and SEM focussed. Ranking on google and bidding for very expensive keywords.

The competition for advertising inventory in this market is fierce.


  • Rank 1st in the Google Map Pack for Kent and 2nd or 3rd for London and the South East.
  • Local SEO success with a brand new website. The first page results within a few months and now with further work and investment, we will go from current 3rd to 1st or 2nd in the next 3 months.
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The Economist - Lead Generation Manager

This world-renowned publication wanted to expand its readership beyond its current demographics.

I matched their target market: young, university-educated, and politically aware. As a young and keen marketer, I thrived on this challenge.

I helped increase readership by Facebook promotional campaigns and attending live events.


1280px-The_Economist_Logo.svg - Founder

In 2018 I decided to use my wide range of marketing knowledge to create an income stream that was independent of others.

This led to the creation of A boutique home decor e-commerce business. It is mostly me, but occasionally I outsource some work.

This business has taught me a lot in terms of e-commerce and the sheer power of that industry.

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